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IPWFI Ltd has traded since 1991, offering both insurance backed guarantees and deposit indemnity protection to the home improvement industry on a wide range of products ranging from, windows, doors, conservatories in either, UPVc, Aluminium or Hardwood as well as soffits and fascias.

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Blast from the past!

Just to prove we’ve been going for so long, we thought we’d show you this! Back in the 90s we had the pleasure of fitting a timber conservatory to Mike Reid’s house! Mike was very pleased with everything and agreed to help us out with a bit of free promotion. Looking back on it now it all seems like a bit of fun.

A 90s throwback! Hytek owner, Michael with celebrity Mike Reid after fitting his timber conservatory

One of our favourites

A touching response

Back in 1989 we were sent this beautiful, hand-written thank you note from Mr Taylor. We were so thrilled to receive it that even over 30 years later we still have a copy in our files. We treat every customer as if we want to get this kind of response. Don’t worry, having doors and windows from us won’t oblige you to complete a course in calligraphy!

We received this over 30 years ago, we’ve treasured it ever since!