PVC, Aluminium and Timber Windows from Hytek

PVC Windows

We can supply and fit PVC windows from two different suppliers to suit your budget. PVC Windows have proven popular over a number of years, they are attractive (even more so these days with smaller mullions and frames) durable and easy to maintain. Most people are surprised at how many different types of PVC window are available; traditional casements are ever-popular but we also supply sash, tilt and slide windows and can have them made in a variety of colours to suit your property. If you were thinking ‘any colour as long as it’s white’ think again!

  • High security

  • Energy efficient

  • Variety of colours available

  • Easy to maintain

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have changed significantly over the last few years. Banish memories of brushed silver finishes from the 1970s! Modern aluminium windows are sleek, highly durable and secure.

Take a closer look at some of our images below to see how aluminium windows work well in surprising settings from barns to modern house extensions. They are available in different finishes and have a wide choice of colours as well as the increasingly popular grey.

  • Energy efficient

  • Different colours and finishes

  • High security

  • Highly durable

Timber Windows

Timber windows from Hytek WDC are made to order, fully bespoke items. All of our timber products are made from suitably sourced sustainable wood from european forests.

Windows can be made to match existing windows or made up from drawings, they can also be ‘specced up’ to include modern high security elements. To cut down on your time and effort (and costs) the timber windows can be primed, sprayed or painted prior to installation.

  • Your choice of energy efficient glazing

  • Modern security available

  • Can be pre-primed or painted

  • Can be replicas or designed from scratch

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